1. Training for Deputy Mayors on ‘Transformative Leadership for Socio-cultural transformation:

Local governments have been established as a powerful body in the midst of the public with power and resources that can ensure the basic rights of the people. In this context, the local level representatives and especially the ones with judicial power will have salient decisive roles. Therefore, in order to bring the social-cultural transformation through institutionalizing the women’s leadership, this training was designed to enhance the leadership capacity of the deputy chair of the all 13 districts of province 3 and Women Human Rights Defenders. This training provided an opportunity to embed a feminist approach to bring social and cultural transformation. The training comprised of various sessions around transformative leadership and components and tools that will be instructive in creating such leadership.

This training was a collaboration of National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders and Isis-WICCE.

2. CEDAW shadow report preparation and representation

Nationwide consultation:

CEDAW is the mechanism to make any state or international bodies or organization responsible and gender sensitive. CEDAW advocates equality in law, behavior and results. To make this mechanism responsible CEDAW in its article 18 have the provision of presentation of periodical report to be submitted by state within one year after the entry into the convention and every four year thereafter on the legislative, executive, judicial, administrative and others measures where they have adopted to give suitable environment to the provisions of the conventions. Furthermore, the report of a state is evaluated with the shadow report of civil societies, human right commission, UN agencies, INGO’s, international organization of human rights existing and working in the state.

The urgency of a shadow report is felt by NAWHRD because of the limitation of the report. It is felt by NAWHRD that the marginalized women and women human rights defenders (women and Trans) issues are left from the report. Stereotype and harmful practices is been excluded from the report the government of Nepal has presented as our state is in the stage of transformation, we are moving towards transformation, so the discriminatory out look towards women itself is the harmful tradition, this issue must be inked in the paper.

Realizing this urgency, National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders(NAWHRD) conducted a consultation program on CEDAW in each province for further positive transformation of government of federal democratic republic of Nepal on three issues violence against women, health and women human rights defenders. The periodic report of Nepal government for last year has already been submitted including all the positive improvements in the country. This report from the side of NAWHRD will work as a lobby within the civil society and all the province of the state.

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