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Fast Track Court

Law Minister pledges justice for VAW victims

National Anti Rape Campaign

Transitional Justice from Women’s Perspectives

The National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders (NAWHRD) is an established network that provides support to women's movements across 75 districts of Nepal.  We believe that the organized collective effort is essential to transform society and stop the continuous violations against human rights that women face in the country.  That's why we work to guarantee safety and visibility for the courageous women that defy cultural norms to drive change in the country.
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Women's Human Rights Defenders are both organized citizens and independent activists that struggle to build a more equal society.  They are courageous women that put their life at risk to stop violence against women.  They are the agents of change that challenge patriarchal structures, ...
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Key Challenges

Women in Nepal suffer from many injustices, affecting their human rights and reinforcing their lack of power.  Four major challenges that need to be addressed for lasting transformation were identified by the NAWHRD, establishing also an action plan for the coming years. 1- Challenge: ...
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Upcoming Events

Still after seven years of official beginning of the peace process there are thousands of family members waiting to know the whereabouts of their loved ones and thousands others who are still waiting for justice. Women who suffered from direct violence and discrimination before, during and after conflict still have a long way to go to get heard and become visible. Although some efforts have been made for justice, there is still a need for proper monitoring and analysis to ensure proper ...
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Providing orientation and capacity to build an organized common platform across the 75 districts of Nepal and monitor the advances and challenges in the WHR's agenda calls for financial support. You can help out to ensure these committed women have the security and resources to keep on this legitimate demand for women's human rights. If you wish to become a donor, click here.

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Any organization or individual can become a member, provided that they are women, working for women's human rights.

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